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Friday, December 17, 2010

Pallasades @ The Black Mariah

The Black Mariah is pleased to present Pallasades, Score for 51°57'N 08°40'W, at Triskel Arts Centre, Cork.

Pallasades have created a live, interactive sound installation in the Triskel Gallery, a former ESB substation. Developing a practice based upon collaboration, process and site-specificity, Pallasades engage with the historical associations of the building, activating the space using sound and electrical impulses. Several DIY theremins create a grid-like structure where the audience’s movements in the space activate an improvised score.

The overlapping of themes surrounding the work are explored through individual texts in a parallel publication. Included with this, is a recording of their interaction with the electrical instruments as they are switched on for the first time.

Pallasades is Imelda Barnard, Fiona Chambers, Rachael Gilbourne, Michelle Hall, Tracy Hanna and Sharon Murphy, with guest collaborator Rob Costello. The group emerged out of an internship with Pallas Contemporary Projects, Dublin, where they had their first exhibition in August 2008.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Scissors Cuts Paper - BLING!

SCP collaborative zine goes out with a bling.

For 2010 our collaboration scissors|cuts|paper have been making quarterly zines. There's further info on our blog

In this issue we collaborated with Sounds of System Breakdown, who wrote a song especially for us and performed it on the launch night in Hello Operator. This issue is gold, hand folded and sewn, numbered and has a special edition of the song 'Fashion Mercenary' on CD.

Zines are available from us directly, Plugd records in Cork, Ormeau Baths Gallery in Belfast, The Winding Stair Bookshop and Indigo and Cloth in Dublin.

Monday, November 29, 2010

News Face

Part of a series. Pausing and collecting images from the news.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bizarre Bazaar

at Pallas Contemporary Projects (link)

Preview: Thursday November 25th 7-9pm
Continues: 26th November – 18th December 2010

A random mess, a shantytown, a temporary nuisance, a necessary group-hug to negate the cold, and a special opening performance by Big Chief Random Chaos.
Enter Bizarre Bazaar, an open platform for the exchange of ideas, where every idea has its price. This years’ annualgroup exhibition will explore a certain tendency of the bazaar, for which the gallery will be set up as a market for the duration of the exhibition. Artworks of various sizes and prices, editions, fanzines, long playing records and artists’ books, have been donated by, temporarily estranged from, hoodwinked and wrestled out of the hands of esteemed, established and emerging artists, our colleagues and friends.

While Bazaar means “the place of prices”, the word has also been adopted by system” designed to make it easier for anyone to contribute to free and open source software projects, a utopian position integral to the original spirit of the world wide web and in opposition to the monopolies who control our access to it. This jarring co-existence of meaning infers the confrontational, esoteric and heterogeneous systems and non-systems of artistic production, with the connotation of the gallery as both marketplace and repository of curious non-economic commodities.

Come to buy, or come to watch, invest in a few moments of your present, the art-world’s future, or your own piece of history. Commission all on sales will go towards the Pallas Projects 2011 exhibition programme.

Artists include, but are not limited to: Aideen Barry, David Beattie, Mark Beatty, Big Chief Random Chaos, George Bolster, Peter Burns, Alan Butler, John Byrne, Rhona Byrne, Judy Carroll Deeley, Fiona Chambers, Brian Duggan, David Eager Maher, Brendan Flaherty, Mark Garry, Wendy Judge, Des Kenny, Chad Keveny, Gillian Lawler, Nevin Lahart, Breda Lynch, Colin Martin, Niamh McCann, Ian McInerney, Maria McKinney, Bea McMahon, Paul Murnaghan, Clive Murphy, Cris Neumann, Damien O’Connell, Alan Phelan, Garrett Phelan, Ann Quinn, Jim Ricks, Sonia Shiel, Cornelius Thalbridge, Ciaran Walsh, Orla Whelan, Mick Wilson.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


More work from Iceland. Pencil on A4 paper.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Another X-stitch finished.

Thanks so much to Alexandra Caccamo for completing this cross stitch and sending me the pictures.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Futures 10

There will be more professional photographs on the way soon.

Ugliest Dog 2009, Oil on Canvas, 2010

The full version of 24Hr Internet Marathon

Untitled Newspaper Series, slideshow, 2009 (left, in hallway) and Ugliest Dog 2009 (right)

The Untitled Newspaper Series, 2009

Installation Shot

Runway, Oil on Canvas 2010

The Model Series, ongoing project, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Say Cheese

A4 Drawing (pencil on paper)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Futures 10 - Review, Irish Times

I am in the process of scanning all my reviews so will probably post them at a later date.

In the meantime here is the online version of the Irish Times review by Aidan Dunne printed last Saturday:

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Futures 10 in the RHA Gallery

Futures 10 opens on 2nd September from 6-8pm
Exhibition continues until 24 October 2010

This exhibition is the second in the second series of Futures, a sequence of exhibitions that endeavours to document and contextualise the work of emerging artists, around who exists a growing critical and curatorial consensus.

The artists in Futures 2010 are selected from a number of sources - from various artist-led initiatives and independent group shows, to a developing peer consensus that attempts an objective view of different artistic practices that have emerged in recent years.

The artists chosen for Futures 10 are Oisin Byrne, Rhona Byrne, Fiona Chambers, Niall de Buitléar, Damien Flood, Magnhild Opdol and Ailbhe Ni Bhriain.

The foundation of Oisin Byrne's practice has been simple paper in various guises, from large-scale origami installations to astrological maps pierced into cardboard, as well as large scale painting and perfomative and collaborative projects with astrophysicists, fashion designers and composers.

Rhona Byrne will present a series of works examining the amusement park industry and in particular, wooden roller coasters, the physical experience of the thrill of the escapade and the people who delight in it.

Fiona Chambers' practice is concerned with societal trends, mass culture and communication. Visual imagery from television, the internet, magazine and newspapers forms the basis for various interrogations, with the medium employed dictated by the subject.

Niall de Buitléar's work is primarily an exploration of form and materiality through accumulative processes. He works with materials that possess a prior function or association rather than traditional mediums.

Damien Flood's painting creates landscapes that reference the history of painting with an underlying, otherworldly element. Appearing paradoxical in nature, the works move from landscape to near complete abstraction.

Magnhild Opdol's recent work is a detailed investigation into the nature of death, or more specifically the remains after life. She documents these remains using various methods, working around the ideas of 'the end as the beginning', creating a new history from the remnants of the past.

Ailbhe Ni Bhriain creates complex video works using landscape as a basis for its ground, yet through intervention with the pictorial space, creates a new world in which place and time are out of sync. She focuses on constructed and composite digital imagery, producing an intersection of varying and otherworldly realities, revealing the work’s fabrication and our tentative relationship with the truth associated with digital imaging. She conjures a “displaced-presence”, a meditation on the origin of the image and our relationship to it.

Extract from Futures 10, by Ruth Carroll. Please see the Irish Arts Review, September edition for full text.

A full colour catalogue documenting both Futures 09 and Futures 10 will accompany this exhibition.

(The above text taken from the RHA website)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Something tells me it's all happening at the zoo

In the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery
Opening 29th July. Continues until 28th August.

A group exhibition exploring animal imagery in contemporary art, curated by Davey Moor.
(link to the show on the Kevin Kavanagh website)

Oil on Canvas
30cm x 30cm

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

24hour Internet Marathon

This is a project I've been meaning to do for a while but it has been difficult to find the time.
Basically the concept is to go online and browse continuously for a full 24 hours.

A webcam is set up to record my status for the duration.
Each page is recorded by a screenshot.
Each page must lead to the next be it by content or as a link.
No breaks except absolutely necessary (ie toilet). Food and drink to be consumed at computer.
No email or facebook unless you are led there by the previous page.

I did this from 9pm Monday 5th until 9pm Tuesday 6th.

Here is picture number 1.

I had to pre-prepare food and drinks and have them nearby. Dinner had to be prepared/served by someone else.
The hardest times were from 6am-10am. Fighting sleep.
I learned a lot of useful things and found some interesting pages. I also had to go through a lot of celebrity gossip pages and badly written blogs.

Friday, June 4, 2010

DORM in The Model, Sligo

Pallas Contemporary Projects were asked to take part in the re-opening exhibition of the new Model in Sligo. The overall exhibition was called Dorm and involved 22 international artists collectives. Pallas presented 'We are never at home', an exhibition curated by Gavin Murphy about Pallas itself, incorporating work from artists who have shown with Pallas to date as well as publications and archive material.

We had a lot of fun installing the show and the opening night (1st May) was amazing.
There was even somewhere for you to sleep.... if you were brave enough.

I made a series of picture postcards from images of derelict houses that I photographed in Dublin. These ones are all from Dublin 7 and they're in an edition of 50 each. Visitors can take them for free.

Brian Duggan's video work is just behind my plinth. More info on who was involved in the show is here.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The sound of pixels

I found an online program that allows you to make music in a 16x16 grid (much like a tenori-on).

By reducing the 'fat kid' image from my cross stitch series to its basic pixels and making it b+w I've been able to enter it into the grid.

This is what the fat kid image sounds like:


Copy and paste the above combination onto the grid here


And there was another mention of the RHA show in Shower of Kunst.
Link here
Thanks to Helen MaCormack and to 126 for forwarding the info.

Yay! Lucy finished the cross stitch

Thanks Lucy.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

JPG cross stitch project






These are the cross stitch patterns I have in the 126 exhibition in the RHA Gallery. If anyone would like to order one please contact me at

They come in editions of 5 each. Only €25 per pack.

Here's what you get in a pack:
- a copy of the hand-drawn chart (the originals of which are also on display in the RHA)
- instructions
- a needle
- a piece of 14ct aida fabric to embroider onto
- Anchor stranded embroidery thread in the relevant colours

Bomb Cross Stitch

The pattern chart for a mushroom cloud cross stitch.
Lucy Sheridan is working on this one right now. I'll post the pictures when she finishes it. (C'mon Lucy we haven't got all day...)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

126 curates in the RHA this Thursday

I made a series of cross stitch patterns which will be part of the Video Killed the Radio Star group exhibition in the Royal Hibernian Academy from Thursday 14th January. Thanks to everyone at 126.

Patterns are in editions of 5 and are also available from me: