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Monday, May 7, 2012

I Can't Stop The Dancing Chicken

As part of Gloria Zein's solo exhibition in the Goethe Institut opening this month, I will be screening three  short films:

Inspired by the Goethe-Institut’s film archive, artist Gloria Zein has chosen a selection of films from the past 50 years to explore the spaces of freedom that enable and result from attempts of resistance. In moments of crisis, decisions become vital: they facilitate action, change and a re-gaining of control; they can be deliberate or they can be rash; they can trigger chain reactions and cause total loss of control. Decisions can also back-fire. There is also the decision to do nothing: passivity or evasiveness may become a form of silent resistance. 

A number of screenings will be accompanied by short works by the artists Fiona Chambers, Marcus Coates and Anita Delaney and by director Helke Sander.

For the complete list of film screenings see: